AXXIS [photo]

Technical sheets

  • Product catalogue 2018

    The AXXIS is a fully programmable, accurate, easy, and safe to use electronic blasting system. The AXXIS™ system ticks the boxes on simplicity & functionality, making it the ideal tool for civil & mining projects. The AXXIS system was designed and developed in-house at BME, one of the largest explosives companies in Africa. BME has been operating on the continent for over 30 years and is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange through its holding company, Omnia Holdings Limited. BME currently has a presence in 24 countries on 4 continents.

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  • Electronic Delay Detonator

    AXXIS™ Electronic Delay Detonators does not include any permanent energy source and there is no direct communication with the detonator during logging. AXXIS™ electronic delay detonators will only function with AXXIS™ Blasting Boxes. Special security PIN codes are required to operate the system. A dead-man’s switch disarms all detonators if the blast needs to be aborted at short notice.

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  • MSDS-AXXIS GII ™ Detonator

    The electronic detonator assemblies consist of 3 parts that are interconnected: an aluminium shell, a spool of wire and a connector. Enclosed within the aluminium alloy shell is a printed circuit board, a fuse head, a primary charge and a base charge. The primary charge and base charge consists of DDNP and PETN/RDX respectively. Refer to product data information for specific configuration. 

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  • BME Blasting guide

    From BME’s humble beginnings over 30 years ago, the company has grown into a major player in the African explosives market. We ascribe this rewarding journey over the years to our customers’ – and their confidence in our product range and people. Our employees have a fulfilling partnership with our customers through the high standard of service and technical support we strive to offer in the safest possible way.

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