AXXIS [photo]

Technical sheets

  • Electronic Delay Detonator

    AXXIS™ Electronic Delay Detonators does not include any permanent energy source and there is no direct communication with the detonator during logging. AXXIS™ electronic delay detonators will only function with AXXIS™ Blasting Boxes. Special security PIN codes are required to operate the system. A dead-man’s switch disarms all detonators if the blast needs to be aborted at short notice.

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  • MSDS-AXXIS GII ™ Detonator

    The electronic detonator assemblies consist of 3 parts that are interconnected: an aluminium shell, a spool of wire and a connector. Enclosed within the aluminium alloy shell is a printed circuit board, a fuse head, a primary charge and a base charge. The primary charge and base charge consists of DDNP and PETN/RDX respectively. Refer to product data information for specific configuration. 

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  • BME Blasting guide

    From BME’s humble beginnings over 30 years ago, the company has grown into a major player in the African explosives market. We ascribe this rewarding journey over the years to our customers’ – and their confidence in our product range and people. Our employees have a fulfilling partnership with our customers through the high standard of service and technical support we strive to offer in the safest possible way.

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  • AXXIS™ Booklet

    AXXIS™ is a fully programmable, accurate and easy-to-use electronic delay detonator system. It is one of the safest initiation systems available. For safety, AXXIS™ offers a full two-way communication between the blasting box and detonators. During detonator logging, there is no direct communication with the detonators. Using the AXXIS™ system, you can program AXXIS™ detonators to fire accurately at any time between 0 and 10000 ms at one millisecond intervals. You can fire up to 600 detonators from one AXXIS™ Blasting Box.


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